I know it seems scary at first, but going natural can be a very liberating experience, especially when it comes to your time and money.

I was also very fearful making the transition from perms and hot combs to wearing my hair in its natural state.  It seems uncontrollable and just too much to be bothered with, plus losing some of the hair that took you SOOO long to grow in the first place. Trustme when I say, I’ve done it all. So instead of you having to do the field work on your head, here are a few tips for moving processed to perfect:

Starting Off

When you are 100% sure you make the leap into the natural pool, you generally have two options: grow it out or cut it off.

1. If you are of a bold persuasion, cutting it off may feel like starting from scratch.

But if you’re like me, and desired some length during my transformation, then you must keep your hair very conditioned and place it in simple styles to take the pressure off of your hair and minimize breakage. This is not to say that you won’t have any breakage because you definitely will. Some styles you may want to take into consideration:

– Braids

– Straw Sets


– Extensions (specifically sewn-ins)

2. Wear a silk cap, scarf, or sleep on silk pillows to maintain moisture in your hair and minimize friction and frizz.

3.  NEVER EVER comb your hair when it’s dry!!!! Your hair will go into breakage overload! Comb your hair using a wide tooth comb when it is soaking wet and dripping with conditioner. The water and conditioner minimize tangles and helps promote healthier hair.

4. Trim your hair at least once every three months to avoid having lots of splits ends with no hair to show for it!

For tips of the trade, check this site out! It got me through some of my panic.

Some celebrities who make going natural fab!

Enjoy Fashion’s Night Out!

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