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If you really want to understand how men think, look at what they DO. Actions speak much louder than words in the world of men.

Men are into women who are fun, unpredictable, independent and just flat out sexy in the way they carry themselves. These kinds of women are respectful and appreciate the masculine energy.

If you’re currently dating a man or have a man who has some interest, here are some ways to tell if he’s into you:

1) Eye Contact – As the old saying goes “eyes are the gateway to the soul,” and this is so true! It’s easy to tell a man is totally detached if you’re talking about something you feel passionate about and he’s distracted, fidgeting and looking everywhere but in your eyes. He’s not interested, period. But if you’re speaking and he’s giving you eye contact, then he’s connected. Think about it: it’s highly unlikely a man will verbally admit that you have him open, but if he’s staring in your eyes while you speak and allows you to look back, he’s letting you in.

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2) Subtle Touches – If a man is into you, he’ll want to be close. If he’s diggin’ you, he wants to be close enough to you to smell you and catch a caress or two. Some men are the aggressive type and will caress the small of your back, tug at your hips, or give you a solid squeeze. If he’s a shy guy, he may be apprehensive to break the ice so help him out and bat those lashes to let him know you’re with it. If he leans your way or gives you an arm/shoulder graze, he’s saying he’d like to touch you again! If he grabs your hand or moves a stray hair out of your face, he’s paying attention to your every move! So lay it on thick but remain natural and keep breathing!

3) Innocent Primping – If a guy is totally into himself, then you’ll know the difference between narcissistic grooming and nervous sprucing. If the guy you’re feeling is constantly brushing miniscule lent off his shoulder, adjusting his shirt and playing with his freshly cut hair, he wants to look good for you! He’s trying his hardest to look his best for you, so don’t be surprised if he asks you if he has anything in his teeth! These gestures are simply nervous quircks. On the other hand, if he is detached and seemingly self-absorbed, chances are this guy is vain and has no room for anyone other than himself in his life.

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