Ever wonder what it would be like to date a Celeb?  Where would he take you? What would you do? How fab would it be? Well I sure have! Here is my speculation of what it would be like to date today’s hottest celebrity men:

1.) Lil Wayne

Expect to go to Morton’s Steakhouse because we all know how he likes to open ’em up and fillet Mignon! Perhaps a date with the pu**y monster is not such a bad idea…

2.) Jeremiah

Although this R&B star is sexy, I’m not entirely sure that a date with him is a good idea. If he is so cheap that for your birthday he wont even get you a real present (just some old birthday sex), then expect nothing better that Mickey D’s on this date (didn’t you see the video for I’m a star?).

3.) 50 Cent

This buff rapper will probably take you to the candy shop. Maybe Dylan’s Candy Shop if you’re in NYC. But be careful, because he WILL try to make you lick the lollipop too! Yikes!

4.) Drake

He will definitely try to be slick and take you on a group date with a few of his other “close male friends.” Keep an eye on him though. We all saw the picture, Drake! We know that your head has a propensity for falling into other men’s laps (side eye).

5.) Trey Songs

Trey has made it clear that he likes the money, cars and the clothes. Expect to be picked up in an exotic European whip, taken on a shopping spree and treated to a dinner at some fancy restaurant. But you can also expect to be bored to death by the dinner conversation, because he’s only into talking money. He just wants to be successful.

6.) Chris Brown

This could be a fun date. Things should  go okay. JUST DON’T PISS HIM OFF! Don’t say i didn’t warn you.

7.) Michael Vick

For this date, you will probably be visiting your local questionable Chinese restaurant. You know, dog meat is considered a delicacy in China.

8.) Martin Lawrence

Many women find this wacky actors sense of humor charming. If Martin is your cup of tea, the get your manners in check ladies. You are headed for a good home cooked meal at big mama’s house!

9.) Lil Bow Wow

Two words, Chucky Cheese.

10.) P. Diddy

I anticipate that as soon as he goes to pay the check at whatever fab restaurant you dine at, the Feds will swoop down in a scene out of the movies and lock you up for dealing with that dirty money.  That’s if Kim and Cassie don’t tag team your a** first.

11.) Jay-Z

WAKE UP LADIES. Beyonce says its too big, long and wide, and we all know what she really meant. She’s not about to give that up.  You are so not getting a date with Jay and his big “ego.”

12.) Fabolous

Something tells me that the way this rap star spells his name (wrong) is indicative of how your date will be; faux fab. He might want to stunt and take you shopping.  He’ll say “go ahead baby, just throw it in the bag.” At that point you will probably go crazy and try throwing entire racks into “the bag.” Then as soon as you turn your back to try to stuff 22 pairs of Gucci shoe boxes into a single shopping bag, he will sneak right out the door because he’s not into trickin. I’m just saying…it could happen like that. You never know.

13.) Soulja Boy

Beware! This date is only for the shameless and in-shape. Soulja Boy will take you to teen night at the local club, and have you doing silly dances ALL NIGHT LONG! And don’t wear sunglasses! He might attack your face with a white out pen.

14.) Flo Rida

Dude, you’re totally going to Dave and Busters to have a totally awesome time. Then maybe you will check out a gnarly Britney Spears concert. Anything mainstream, dude.

15.) Kanye West

My guess is, Kanye will take you any where you like. You will have amazing conversation about how fab your outfit is, and the new line of hand bags that just came out. Maybe you will gossip a little. But at the end of the night he will most likely hit you with an “I’m not that into girls you.”

Perhaps dating a celeb is not all its cracked up to be, or it is. Care to speculate?

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