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Catfights are fit for Jerry Springer. Maybe even Maury. But when a comedic, fun-loving, dancing queen like Ellen Degeneres has to literally step between two talk-show guests to avoid an all-out throwdown, you know something is wrong. The “Housewives of Atlanta” appeared on the show yesterday, but only Sheree and Kim got any shine. The other three ladies did their best to stay silent – maybe that was smart, maybe it was out of shock. Whatever the reason, the war of words began between the two drama queens when Ellen quite innocently asked about the infamous “wig-pulling” incident. No subject was off-limits as the two went back-and-forth: talk of bounced checks, prostitution, and childish name-calling ensued. Ellen tried to provide comic belief by smiling big, opening her eyes wide, and labeling the whole ordeal “fascinating,” but even she couldn’t stop the ladies from doing what they do best. Watch the video below.

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