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You’ve got the butterflies, the chemistry, and his mom loves you. The idea of a future together doesn’t scare you, you like (most of) his friends, and he’s usually very attentive. All signs are pointing to “yes” in this picture-perfect relationship; you can even ignore the fact that he leaves his dirty socks under the couch in the living room. However, there are some bad habits that just can’t be ignored. And sometimes, it’s our fault. 

5. Having An Affair With His “Potential”

Wanting your man to be all that he can be is admirable, but approaching his looks and personality with an “Extreme Makeover” ambition will only hurt his self-esteem and leave you both frustrated and resentful. Don’t criticize or push him to change; all he hears is “you aren’t good enough.” And if that’s really the case, why are you settling?

4. Gossiping

Talking to your girls about your love life is a normal part of friendship, but if you’re calling your BFF, your sister and your mom every time your man pisses you off, you’re not only going to wind up embarrassed when the storm passes, you’ll also find yourself in a relationship with someone who feels violated and judged. And, also, don’t kiss-and-tell. It’s tacky.

3. Being melodramatic

Some incidences call for a heated reaction. Others simply don’t. Learning the difference is key. If you’re calling him in tears every time your coworker irritates you, deleting him from Facebook during every argument and threatening to end the relationship over him leaving the toilet seat up (again!), he might start looking for a new leading lady. 

2. Spending Too Much Time Together

Spending time with your man is one of the best parts of being in a relationship, but there’s a big difference between bonding and being joined at the hip. Men are attracted to secure, independent women. Besides, he can’t miss you ’til you’re gone, so take some time apart and let the flowers, cute cards, and sweet text messages start rolling in.

1. Acting Jealous

He lets you know how much he loves you constantly, but that doesn’t stop you from checking his phone when he’s in the shower or sending every pretty girl he talks to eye-daggers. Although a tiny bit of jealousy in a relationship is normal, accusing your man of cheating and questioning his whereabouts every time he walks in will have him feeling controlled, manipulated and insulted. What’s done in the dark will come to the light, so if he’s doing wrong, you’ll find out soon enough – without having to be a detective.

(From Glamour.com. Click here to find out how to rebuild the relationship once these bad habits have already affected it.)


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