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If you haven’t kept up with the ins and outs of the Misick family feud, the drama can be summed up in a few words and/or phrases: infidelity, rape accusations, physical altercations, hospitalization, separation, divorce, and alleged pregnancies.

Even more problematic than the chaos that surrounds the Misick home is the fact that everybody and their mama knows all about it. And, if you think that Michael and Lisa Raye’s celebrity status makes it impossible to keep any business of theirs private, you’re mistaken. Dozens of celebrities manage to keep their personal lives private…

To my mind, publicizing a storm makes returning to normalcy after the storm settles incredibly difficult. In Lisa Raye’s case, even if the myriad of allegations against her husband prove to be false, and she and Michael repair their relationship, we will give her a side-eye glance for giving him another chance. If not that, we will always question whether or not things are really as they seem, no matter how happy they appear in the future. By no means am I saying that our collective side-eye should negatively impact Lisa, Michael, or their relationship, but the reality is that the ever critical public eye can put tension between two people thick enough for a knife to slice. And after that? The eye diverts its attention to something more interesting, (insert Brad and Angelina’s twins, or better yet, the race towards the presidency), leaving former lovebirds to mend what can hardly be repaired.

For the past two years, the media has carefully documented the love, like, and hate between Michael Misick and Lisa Raye McCoy, and, as a result of such diligent documentation, I came to a profound realization: not only is the line between love and hate thin, but its as sharp as razor wire, and will indiscriminately cut you up if crossed the wrong way. Simply put, know who you’re getting involved with before you and your beloved move towards anything that even resembles an altar. Or, if it’s too late for that, quietly remove yourself from any and all negativity, sans media, sans rubber-neckers.

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