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The Top 5 Starter Beers For Women

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Whether its champagne,  wine or beer, all alcohol is not created equal.  While many women enjoy delving in to the world of wine tastings and martini culture, learning about the complexities of beer culture is often left to men.   Beer can be as exquisite a compliment to meals as any good glass of wine.  We think it’s time women gave beer a second look!  Here’s our starter list for the beginner beer drinker.

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1. Corona – Ok, hear me out. The Mexican heritage beer Corona is a staple.  You probably had your first one on high school spring break in Cancun.  Light, refreshing and perfect with a lime, it’s totally the Riesling of the Beer world, but we love it anyway.

2. Blue Moon – Served with an Orange, to compliment it’s orangey-amber color and orangey taste, Blue Moon is a great beginner’s beer.  The hints of citrus give it a sweet pleasant taste and the orange is definitely the cutest accessory to any beer we’ve ever seen.

3. Duvel – We love this beer because it’s light and strong.  With 8.5% alcohol content, Duvel will keep that bloated beer feeling down to a minimum and keeping your mood high.  A pale-ale is a great way to start your foray in to beer drinking.

4. Red Stripe – Jamaica, Jamaica! One of the coolest things about beer is that almost every country/region brews their own.  Jamaicans satisfy their taste buds on Red Stripe, a light brew that has become an international favorite and a source of national pride.  Red stripe isn’t a particularly strong beer but it has a distinct refreshing taste that screams “no problem”!

5. Guinness – This classic dark Irish beer has a cult-like consumer base.  If you’ve ever stumbled upon a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, you’ve likely Irish Car Bombed your way through a glass of Guinness.   Dark, rich and frothy this is beer is anything but mild in taste.  Work your way up to this one after trying some paler-ales out first.

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