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Now that her divorce from Usher is finalized, Tameka Foster is speaking out on everything from her marriage to her plastic surgery. Here are some exclusive clips from her interview with Upscale Magazine:

On black women and their response to her marriage

“I understand where all the negativity comes from. Unfortunately I think that some black women are – subconsciously – not in love with the image they see in the mirror. Therefore in turn they do not love someone like me. I look too much like them. They would definitely have preferred my husband marry someone more exotic looking. Instead of saying “wow, she looks like me. She’s living a fairytale” – they criticize.

On her divorce to Usher

“I am just disappointed. It’s difficult to have something so personal play out in the public. The dissolution of marriage is always upsetting. You have the expectation that it will work. But, you know what? it didn’t work. But [Usher’s] a great guy. I will always love him.”

On the blog scrutiny contributing to her divorce:

Yes it played a factor. I was not given a fair shot. People passed judgment without getting to know me. How can you get the entire concept of who I am from a blog?”

On Her Decision To Get Plastic Surgery

I went with a friend for vacation. I was nutty and decided to have it on a whim. The Brazilians are giving skin, hair, body, thongs and I was like “I want to look like that when I get home”. I had just had a baby and wanted to get rid of my small pooch. [But] I had a terrible reaction to the anesthesia and went into cardiac arrest. They induced a coma to stabilize my heart. I never had anything done. [Usher] knew I was going to Brazil but not about the procedure. It was a very selfish thing to do and not well thought out. I made a very arrogant mistake.

Usher Is Officially A Free Man

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