It’s been one year since the untimely death of Michael Jackson and we’re celebrating the life of the King of Pop. We decided to do something special and give you our top MJ video clips that you’ve probably never seen!

Check out the vids for some great candids and Mike enjoying life.

7. In this clip from the Martin Bashir interview Mike shows off his “giving tree” and then climbs to the top to reflect…showing the true inner child he possessed.

6. This is a great clip from 1980 when Mike was grown up but still so young.

5. This clip is also from the Martin Bashir documentary where MJ goes shopping with the interviewer and basically guys an entire store. The way Mike shops is absolutely hilarious…woohooo!

4. We know Michael loves to shop. Here he’s being a “normal” person and grocery shopping. Check out him having fun and see just how silly he could be.

3. Mike was always a little off but what great artist isn’t? Check him singing by the fountain and talking about his inspiration, adorable.

2. This was released with many more home movies of Mike and The Jacksons. This one really shows how close Mike and Jan were…plus super soaker action!

1 .This is the best clip ever. Michael is in a car with his friend Brett Ratner and they have R. Kelly’s “Ignition” playing on the stereo and Mike GETS DOWN! Watch the whole thing – you can’t miss this one!

Michael Jackson’s death had been ruled a homicide. Read more here.

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