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Why do women hate on each other?  We recently showed you pics of Kanye’s arm-piece Amber Rose in a bathing suit in Miami and we can’t even front, her body is AMAZING…

We came across this story on and this person is clearly hating on Amber Rose: received the following report – from a former co-worker of Amber’s at Suez Rendezvous – a popular strip club in the Bronx, NY:

I know for a fact Amber Rose had butt shots and lipo. I work at Suez stripclub in Ny and when she first came here she was wayyy bigger, had no ass, and was shaped funny.

She asked around and got in touch with the person that does the illegal butt shots for the girls here. She also does a lot of [SORRY WE CAN’T REPEAT THIS PART].

She used to be a sweetheart now she doesn’t talk to anyone and acts like shes made it so big. She has never owned a car (still doesn’t) and never had her own place.

She still stays with her mom a small shack in the south Philly ghetto. We all miss the Amber that used to hang at the gay raves, bum cigarettes, rides home, and shop at the thift stores.

A shame she can’t even read or talk right. Shes a naive pushover and Kanye just uses her for arm candy because she is not smart at all.

Is it really that difficult to say “damn she looks good!!!!”

Is this Rihanna’s booty?

Kanye & Amber Rose coupled up…still!!

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