In this month’s issue of Elle Magazine, you’ll find an ad for L’Oreal Paris‘ Feria hair color featuring an unnaturally pasty Beyonce Knowles. Perhaps the most obvious questions (based on the media’s commentary and speculation on the Feria ad thus far) have already been asked and answered:

1. Does B have Vitiligo? No.

… A moment of silence and a side-eye glance goes to TMZ.

2. Did L’Oreal photoshop the Feria ad? Yes.

What celebrity feature ad isn’t?

3. Did L’Oreal lighten B’s skin tone?

According to a L’Oreal Paris company representative as told to Fox news today, no. And, whether or not you chose to accept their claim, I do.

So now what?

After viewing Feria’s most recent ad, it’s easy to toss a race card up into the air and call foul play. However, I wonder if doing so merely perpetuates the racial issues that still exist, without a doubt, in this country. To be honest, I responded to the ad with laughter. Nothing more, and nothing less. Why?

One night, about five years ago, I laid my head down to sleep, woke up the next morning, and got word that Eurocentricity was suddenly the new black. Since then, naturally dark-haired girls have become increasingly more blonde; short-haired girls have become long-haired; and Yaki Pony has become European Wet and Wavy. And still, some of us have the audacity to point fingers at L’Oreal for making Beyonce look white?

Instead of asking the obvious questions that will only get you obvious answers, question why Beyonce has yet to comment on Feria’s “false portrayal” of her, and whether or not she even views such a portrayal as false. Question whether or not Beyonce caught a glimpse of her ad before L’Oreal sent it to press. If she did see the ad prior to its release, question why she didn’t, at the very most, have a problem with L’Oreal failing to capture her true skin tone. Question when blonde lace-front wigs will be a thing of the past.

Question when Natural Beauty will make her comeback.

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