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Real Housewife of ATL Kim Zolciak sat down with Essence magazine and opened up Sheree, Big Papa and why she doesn’t date black men.

Here’s what she had to say:

ESSENCE.COM: Your first release, “Tardy for the Party,” was leaked on the Internet yesterday. What happened?

KIM ZOLCIAK: I’m super pissed off about it. I never released that song to Ryan Seacrest or anyone else. It was going to be on iTunes and I wanted people to see all the thought that went into it, along the timeline of the show so you can see me in the studio and watch me go through the whole process. This is just not how I wanted to release my first song. There’s a snake out there. I just have to figure out who it is.

ESSENCE.COM: NeNe’s new book, “Never Make the Same Mistake Twice,” just came out. Have you read it?

ZOLCIAK: I have not read the book yet, but hell yeah, if she wrote about me, I’m going to read it. I mean, she had to write about me in order to sell the book. She told me, ‘Well, maybe you should read it on your way back from New York.’ So I don’t know what she wrote but I do wish her success and I’m happy for her.

ESSENCE.COM: Can we go through some of these rumors that are out in the blogesphere? What about the one that the Bentley you drive doesn’t actually belong to you but to former NBA player Gerald Wilkins?

ZOLCIAK: My neighbor Damian is Gerald Wilkins’ son. He’s a dear friend of mine. Gerald’s wife is my real estate agent. I’ve never had a relationship with Gerald and I can count on one hand how many times I’ve met the man. The Bentley is in my name. You can pull the title. I bought it and it’s mine.

ESSENCE.COM: You two came to blows a few months ago. There was a police report indicating that NeNe assaulted you. What happened?

ZOLCIAK: NeNe and I have decided to just move on from that. Yes, there was an altercation but we’ve talked in great length about it and we’re just both on to bigger and better things like her book and my wig line. NeNe and I care about each other and because we do, sometimes emotions run a lot higher than if we didn’t care at all.

ESSENCE.COM: Rumor has it that you and Dallas Austin don’t talk anymore. Plus, he’s said some really nasty things about you.

ZOLCIAK: Dallas is a piece of work. He likes to Twitter, which is so trivial. I don’t know what his problem is and quite frankly I don’t care. I don’t have time for negative energy. I worked with Kandi on my new song and I’m really excited about that.

ESSENCE.COM: Is it true that you don’t date Black men?

ZOLCIAK: Yes, it’s true, I don’t date Black men. I never have. It’s not a prejudice. It’s just a personal preference. People always think that Big Papa is Black. I don’t know why. I’ve never dated a Black man. It’s not to say it wouldn’t happen in the future, but at this time, I never have.

ESSENCE.COM: Thanks for bringing that up. Photos of what appears to be you and a man named Lee Najjar walking on a beach popped up on the Web recently. Is Lee Najjar Big Papa?

ZOLCIAK: There are a lot of people who are alleged to be Big Papa and I know all of them, from Dallas Austin to Lee Najjar to Quincy Jones to Ted Turner. You just have to stay tuned and watch what happens to see who Big Papa really is.

ESSENCE.COM: Tonight, Bravo has added an extra hour, featuring more details about your fight with Sheree. Do you think this is all overkill?

ZOLCIAK: All I know is that Sheree acted a fool. I mean, who does that as a grown woman? It was immature and I was really caught off guard by the whole thing. I guess controversy sells. We’re not the highest rated because we go to church and bake cookies.

Check out the housewives below:

ATL’s Kim has twitter beef with Dallas Austin

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