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Looking for a fresh way to reconnect with your guy? Try a simple but deliciously sensual massage. Sensual massage encourages lovers to be generous with each other, to explore parts of the body that aren’t overtly sexual.

Here, a step-by-step guide to giving (or getting!) a totally indulgent massage:

1) Prepare a quiet area to give the sensual massage. Play relaxing music and if you like candles, set up aromatherapy candles to set the mood.

2) Have the person you’re massaging lie down on the bed or a nicely prepared pallet on the floor. Since this is a sensual massage, ask the person you’re massaging to remove all of their clothing.

3) Wash your hands, dry them, make sure they’re warm and apply a massage oil of your choosing.

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4) Place your hands on the lower back of whomever you’re massaging. With your hands on either side of their spine, start applying pressure and rub your hand up the person’s back to their shoulders. From there rub your hands over their shoulders and then back down their back. Repeat a few times.

5) Start from the lower back again and knead the flesh repeatedly, slowly working your way up to the shoulders and then neck. Once at the neck work your way back down to the lower back, kneading as you go. Repeat a few times.

6) Take your fingertips and run them gently down the back of the person you’re massaging. Without applying any pressure, gently rub them back up to their shoulders. The idea is to use your fingers like feathers across the skin of whomever you’re massaging. Repeat a few times to give subtle, sensual clues with the massage.

7) Incorporate objects in your massaging such as ice, feathers and balls made for massages or anything else you can think of that will feel nice and give a stimulating, sensual massage. Incorporating different objects increases the sensations for the person receiving the massage.

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