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EXCLUSIVE: Reginae Carter Tries Black

Source: Courtesy of Reginae Carter and BLK App / Courtesy of Reginae Carter and BLK App

Get ready for some serious dating tea! Our girl Reginae Carter is putting herself out there in the world of online dating – and she’s taking us with her.

Reginae has partnered with BLK, the world’s largest dating and lifestyle app for the Black community. Believe it or not, this digital collaboration marks the 24-year-old’s first time using a dating app. 

Reginae will be sharing her dating experiences with fans over the next few weeks. She’ll be updating us regularly, giving us a glimpse into her conversations, dates, and the ups and downs of her online dating journey.

Take a look at Reginae setting up her profile on BLK. 


Reginae Carter’s struggles with dating are not unlike many of ours.

As Reginae gets started, the budding actress and personality joined me on Zoom to discuss her new adventure. But even before we sat down for the virtual conversation, I’ve got to admit, I was a little surprised. No cap.


Reginae is a badass boss babe. The famous daughter of TV personality and entrepreneur Toya Johnson and Grammy-winning rapper Lil’ Wayne, she is well known for her bombshell beauty, fierce style, bubbly personality, and entrepreneurial ventures. The Louisiana native is the force behind the fashion line IFITIN and co-star of the reality show Toya & Reginae.

With over 7 million Instagram followers alone, her influence from the South to across the world is nothing to ignore. And a brief Google search or glance at her social media pages shows the starlet in the hottest designers, at the most fabulous events, and doing all the things we love to see “it girls” do. 

So, with all of this in mind, I asked myself one question:  How could Reginae be dealing with the same dating woes and challenges that many of us do?

I think we can all strongly agree—especially those who are single and looking for love—that dating is tough for anyone and everybody. As Reginae put it, the “dating pool has pee in it.” But amid the terrible smells and dirty waters is the possibility of something beautiful.

EXCLUSIVE: Reginae Carter Tries Black

Source: Courtesy of Reginae Carter and BLK App / Courtesy of Reginae Carter and BLK App

Reginae sits down with ‘HB’ to discuss dating, expectations, and her affinity for chocolate men.

For Reginae, BLK may be a way to find it. She admits to experiencing difficulty in dating as a celebrity. (When I asked her if it was hard dating with her lifestyle, she emphatically said through the computer, “Yes!”) 

HB girlies, sound familiar?

However, BLK helps diversify her choices. “I feel like with the apps [like BLK], you can have people from different places around the world. They might not move like Atlanta people. They may not move like LA or wherever you are. So that’s what I like about the app, too, because there are people from around the world, so they might be a little different.”

Reginae is ready to explore new dating preferences on Black culture app. While she’s always been attracted to dark-skinned, muscular football players, she’s open to light-skinned, skinny men as well. She’s even dated them before. 

“You gotta be fine. I love a dark-skinned chocolate man with pretty teeth,” she joked with me when our conversation turned to her potential suitors’ looks. “With a six-pack,” Reginae said as we smiled through the Zoom. “Not an eight. A six.” 

Reginae says, ‘love for God,’ and your mother is a must-have for her.

EXCLUSIVE: Reginae Carter Tries Blk

Source: Courtesy of Reginae Carter and BLK App / Courtesy of Reginae Carter and BLK App

She continued talking about past dates and experiences and then further explained why she’s open to various types. It’s her potential man’s heart and actions that count more.

Reginae shared, “I look for if you really make me feel happy, and remind me of my worth. I know my worth, but it’s good to be reminded of your worth by a man.”

To Reginae, actions like these are green flags and must-haves. Others include loving God, having a good relationship with your mother, and being respectful.

The influencer also loves flowers, but that’s not an expectation until the first date. “Be ready to court me,” Reginae said when I asked her about non-negotiables and expectations of men who decide to swipe right.

And we agree. Yes, Sis!

We are #TeamReginae and ready to cheer her on.

While I enjoyed the candidness of my call with the new app user, this isn’t Reginae’s first conversation about dating or foray into public dating. She’s been open about past relationships, discussed what she wants, and encouraged other Black women on their journeys.

Like many of our girlfriends in the chat group, she’s not new to this; she’s true to this. 

This time, Reginae says she is ready to catch a vibe and see where it takes her. She packed her BLK profile with cute and flirty pictures, emojis, and comments to keep potential men guessing.

So, who knows? Maybe her right vibe is just a swipe away? We’ll be watching and cheering her on.

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