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The former MTV reality star who may or may not have stabbed her husband while their three kids watched just pled not guilty to two charges stemming from the alleged incident.

Sara Stokes — who was on “Making the Band 2” — pled not guilty to inflicting injury on a spouse and assault with a deadly weapon this morning in Riverside County Court in California.

It’s unclear what exactly happened between Sara and her husband last month, because we’ve been told two completely different versions of what actually went down.

Sara claims her husband accidentally cut himself in the sink — while cops believe she went on a stabbing frenzy after the two got into a verbal altercation.

UPDATE: After getting arrested for stabbing her husband in front of their kids, Da Band’s Sara Stokes is changing her story. Check this, she says her hubby stabbed himself. What???

According to TMZ Sara said:

The incident started by the pool, when Sara innocently tripped and hit her face. Her husband tried to get something to clean her off and accidentally cut his arms on knives in the kitchen sink.

Law Enforcement Version

It started when Sara stormed out of her house after a screaming match with her husband, she fell over and blamed him for tripping her – grabbed a knife and stabbed the crap out of his arm while their 3 children watched the whole thing.

Sara further goes on to say the reason she accused her husband of tripping her was because she “suffered a concussion when she fell and was confused.”

After seeing this  mug shot, does she looks like someone who fell on the ground? Looking at the multiple bruises on her face, this story sounds like a woman in an abusive relationship trying to cover up for her man!!!

And get this,  Sara’s rep says the couple is “back together, ” “happy” and looking forward to the “truth coming out in court.”

Uh huh!!!!!

Do you remember Sara Stokes from Diddy’s “Making The Band 2″ and Da Band? Well I’m hearing that she was recently arrested  for domestic violence and assault with a deadly weapon on her manager/hubby Tony.

According to TMZ:

Sara stormed out of the house after arguing with husband Tony – she tripped, fell down and accused him of doing it. She hurt her head in the fall – grabbed a knife and stabbed Tony in the arm – while their 3 kids watched.

Damn. Sara’s lawyer says:

“Sara and Tony have a very passionate and loving relationship

that on August 2, while having an evening of fun, she slipped and fell, hitting her head heavily on the ground and somehow in the process of helping her Tony got injured.”

Sara Stokes makes a huge (breast) upgrade

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