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‘Who laughs last, laughs best!’ From all of her planetary indications it appears that comedienne Mo’Nique will giggle herself right to the bank with all the substantial projects she has coming her way over the next 18 months. With her new talk show on BET coming soon and the new Tyler Perry movie ‘Precious’ slated for this fall she’ll be a very busy and a very hard working person. Based on her planets hard work doesn’t bother her.

Her Sun sign of Scorpio (born Nov. 13, 1980) is known for its resiliency and toughness, her Moon in the industrious sign of Capricorn suggests that if she wasn’t busy with a project she would go out and find something to do, keeping busy feels normal to her emotional well being, and there is a good chance that she is always pushing to better herself and also reaching to achieve more! Mo’Nique’s planets for the next few months indicate that she will enter into a very productive cycle. Expect to see her everywhere! Saturn, the planet of karma will test her desire to be more respected as an actress while bigger and more substantial acting roles come her way. If Mo’Nique is able to harness and keep up with the planetary ‘busyness’ of the upcoming year, amazing things are headed in her direction. I would say that Mo’Nique’s stars are on the rise, but with her stature, she is more like a comet. Let’s not forget that comets are often brighter than stars! Shine, sista, shine!

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