UPDATE: I posted a rumor earlier today that one of my favorite couples,  TI and Tiny were having some relationship troubles. Well it seems that is not the case, Tiny reached out to mediatakout and told the gossip website that she and TI are doing just fine.

Here’s what the website posted:

According to her, she has visited her fiance every week since his incarceration. She also told that she does not know boxer Floyd Mayweather – except in passing.

Whew, glad to hear that their relationship is solid!!!

I’m hearing that one of my favorite couples Tiny and T.I. may be going through it and involved another man!!!  According to, someone close to the couple say that the two fight during almost every telephone conversation. And that Tiny is no longer going to prison to visit her platinum selling fiancé.

Here’s what’s rumored to be happening:

Our insider explained that the root of their problems are TI’s jealous and controlling nature and Floyd Mayweather Jr. The insider told us, “TI’s used to being able to keep tabs on [Tiny].He likes her to play the good girlfriend/mother – and stay in the background. Now that her new [BET] TV show [Tiny & Toya] is a hit, she’s becoming a pretty big celebrity in her own right.”

But there’s more. Since TI’s in prison, Tiny’s enjoying a new found freedom. According to an insider, “T.I. never allows Tiny to hang out in clubs like she’s doing now … but with T.I locked up, she’s out 4or 5 times a week.”

And Tiny’s keeping interesting company when she’s out. People all over Atlanta have seen her and boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. together – at the mall, at parties, and at other social events.

Why is that a problem, you ask? Well, because according to our insider, Tiny and Floyd dated briefly – at one point when she and T.I. were taking a break. And word is that Floyd has never quite given up on her.

I’m hoping that these two work it out and send Floyd my way!!!! LOL…

Check out Tiny celebrating her reality show success:



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