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UPDATE: Oprah Winfrey has fired back at reports an author is suing her for plagiarism, insisting she only found out about the $1 trillion lawsuit after a judge dismissed it.

According to, Goffe claims she plagiarized his book A Tome of Poetry and posted the piece on her website.

According to Oprah’s spokesperson, “We were never served with this lawsuit, but we’ve been informed that the judge dismissed it.”

According to, author Damon Lloyd Goffe is suing Oprah and her production company, Harpo, for allegedly stealing material from the writer’s work titled “A Tome of Poetry” and publishing it under the name, “Pieces of My Soul.”

Based on legal documents, Goffe claims the talk show host admitted to the thievery last year.

The poet believes that since Oprah sold over 650 million editions of the work online for $20 a copy, he is entitled to 1.2 trillion dollars!

Does Oprah even have a trillion dollars????

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