Here are some of the best beauty gear items to put on your list next time you hit the stores. And the best part is, they won’t empty your wallet!

Cleansing cloths

Cheap and convenient! Facial cleansing cloths are perfect for those late nights when you’re almost too tired to pull down the covers. No water and no fuss — just pull a cloth out of the moisture-controlling container, swipe over your face and toss. It’ll get rid of all the makeup and gunk with one swoop, and they cost only about $5.

Cellulite-fighting gel

These cottage-cheese-busting serums typically run around $10 at your local drugstore and work wonders on your not-so-wonderful parts. They’re made with gentle minerals so they’re ideal for everyday use and for all skin types. And, it’s a two-fer: The gel also works to moisturize your skin in addition to tightening up cellulite.

Live lux without spending the green

Brush case

Quality makeup brushes are the secret to any fabulous face. If you’ve got a high-end set, you’ve probably dropped a pretty penny. That’s why it’s important to drop another, oh, say $5 to $7 typically, on a brush case. They come in different colors and eye-popping designs and will protect your brushes from dirt and germs.

Nail buffer

It’s the fastest and most convenient way to give yourself a quick manicure. Nail buffers get rid of ridges and chips with a few easy swipes and leave your tips looking shiny and healthy. An ordinary nail buffer goes for less than $5. You can find an electric version for $15 to $20.

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