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5 Ways Google Saved Your A**

Google is a girl’s best friend. Are the Internet boys over at Google putting down the morning paper and picking up the women’s mags? Or have dinners with the wifey turned into consulting business meetings? Because Google and Gmail have come up with some remarkable little features that are screaming, “Ladies we heard ya, and were here!”

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These 5 little features are helping love lives everywhere. Who knew the square sitting behind you in 10th grade math would be creating a new playing field of love? So put on your game face and take a look at these amazing little tricks of Gmail and Google:

1. It Didn’t Save? Thank God!: You know how Gmail saves all your chats automatically? That’s awesome when your boss needs your computer and leaves with detailed information of your hot date last night and your walk of shame story you were filling your girlfriend in on. This feature is chatting “Off The Record.” Not only will it prevent the chat from saving in your account, it will not allow the chat to be saved to whoever is on the other ends account either!

HOW DO I GET THIS?: While your chatting away, select “Options” in the bottom left corner of your chat screen. Simply click “Go Off the Record.”

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2. Gmail Can Text Me?: Who uses paper and pen anymore? Welcome to the 21st century ladies, we have gone technologic! So whether it’s that 3pm business meeting, your great aunts birthday next month, or the daily reminder of the birth control pill your Gmail will me shooting you a little reminder text.

HOW DO I GET THIS?: Go to your calendar that is set up in your account and create a new event. Then, select “Edit Event Details” and scroll to find the SMS Reminder under “Options.” Make sure you verify your phone number under “Settings.”

3. Drunk Message Blocker: After a couple cocktails, shots, beers, whatever drink of choice for the night may have been, a late night note (or not so very nice message) might be the cause of the “Oh s***” the next morning. Regret will set in along with a massive headache. Don’t worry you have Tylenol in the bathroom cabinet for the headache and now you have “Mail Goggles” for your drunken stupidity. This feature will require you to answer simple math problems  (like 93-21=?) before allowing you to send your lovely message.

HOW DO I GET THIS?: While logged into Gmail, click on “Settings” in the upper right. Then select the “Labs” tab and scroll down to “Mail Goggles.” Select the “Enable” button. “Save Changes” button is next and your goggles have been placed on your head!

4. Share Your Events: With the calendar on Gmail you can have you and your mans events together. No more nagging what time his meeting is today, or what time your spinning class will end. Simply say, “Check the Calendar!”

HOW DO I GET THIS?: When logged into your Gmail account click on “Calendar” on the top left.

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5. The “Oh S***” Button: Ever hit the “Send” button and then realize that is exactly what you did not want to do? This feature saves life’s! With this, after you click the “Send” button you have about 5 seconds to click the “Undo Send” button to throw you that life savor and rescue you’re a**!

HOW DO I GET THIS?: While logged into your Gmail, click on “Settings” in the upper right corner and then select the “Labs” tab. Scroll all the way down to “Undo Send.” Click “Enable” and then scroll down to click the “Save Changes” button and your good to go!

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