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Michael Jackson’s personal chef, Kai Chase, described the events that took place inside his rented mansion this past June 25, the day the singer died.

Kai told the Today Show on Thursday the first noticeable difference between that day, and others, was that Jackson’s in-house physician, Dr. Conrad Murray had not come down to fetch the Saran-wrapped plates of granola and organic juices she prepared the pop icon for breakfast each day.

“This day, I didn’t see it,” Chase said.

She said she heard Murray running down the stars and shouting “Go get Prince!!!” at about noon that day, though the child never actually entered the room. Chase said that within a matter of minutes, the Holmby Hills mansion was swamped with paramedics and other medical professionals scrambling up the stairs in hopes of reviving the dying King of Pop.

“At that point you could feel the energy change,” she said. “It just didn’t feel right.”

She said the singer’s children, especially Paris, were hysterically crying as they prayed downstairs with her and a nanny.

An hour later, she said she was asked to leave the house by security; on the way home, Chase said she heard of Jackson’s death on the radio, causing her to pull off the road in tearful moment of panic and sadness.

“This was a lovely man, this man was sensational,” Chase said. “A fabulous man, a fabulous father to his children.”

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