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Looks like Toni Braxton is hitching a ride on the comeback bandwagon—if Whitney can do it why can’t Toni??

The tiny singer recently performed in Brazil the singer gave an interview to the Jamaica Observer and gave a few details about her first single and why she thinks she has totally reinvented herself with this record:

“I’m doing some stuff with Sean Paul” said Toni.

She then admitted that she had also already recorded a collabo with another reggae singer, the only problem is that she couldn’t recall his name!

“What’s his name again? Oh goodness, if he ever knows that I’ve forgotten his name he’s going to kill me,” said Toni as she struggled to remember “Just recently I was saying I had to call him…” she continued, but still the name eluded her.

“Shaggy!” Braxton finally remembered, before discussing some more about the new sound of her album.

“It’s a lot of traditional stuff on the album, but I think people are going to be surprised ’cause I switched it a little bit, doing different things. I think I’ve reinvented (myself),”

The album has already been completed, and will contain collaborations from Claude Kelly, Jesse McCartney, Stargate, The Underdogs, and Lucas Secon who wrote The Pussycat Dolls hit “I Hate This Part Right Here”.

Toni’s new single is due early September, with the singer currently trying to decide between two songs. While several of her songs were leaked to the public, she is still trying to get one of them, “Hero”, on the album. “Pulse” is due in stores this November.

Do you like Toni’s new wig?

Check out Toni performing at Reggae Sunsplash over the weekend:

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