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Let me preface this by saying that I truly have no idea what it is like to be a single mom. This is just my thoughts on a particular experience I’ve had.

My husband works as a director of a pre-college program. He works with high school kids who are smart but are maybe the first in their family to even consider college. As part of his job, he brings 125 high schoolers to the local college campus where he works for a summer enrichment component. For five weeks, he is busy with these kids. Making sure they eat what they’re supposed to for breakfast, making sure they attend their classes, do their homework and go to bed when they’re supposed to.

That leaves me, at home, alone with two kids all the time. I have to get them up, get them dressed, off to daycare. Pick them up, manage to make dinner with them under my feet, get them bathed, lotioned up, pajamas on, storytime, etc.

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