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Happy 25th anniversary to Prince and his 1984 film Purple Rain. It seemed like it was just yesterday we were blushing to “Darling Nikki.” Damn, where did the years go???

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Here are our picks of Prince’s sexiest sex songs…and the nasty lyrics that go with them!


“Like a wildcat, Martha, in a celibate rage / I want you alone, in my dirty little cage”

International Lover

“My plane’s parked right outside, baby / Don’t U wanna go 4 a ride?”

The Scandalous Sex Suite

“2night why don’t we skip all the 4 play, mama / And just get down here on the floor?”

I Can’t Make U Love Me

“Tell me what’s up baby? Am I moving 2 fast?”

When 2 R In Love

“When 2 R in love / Falling leaves will appear 2 them Like slow motion rain”

Still Would Stand All Time

“Love, it’s not that far away if we all say yes and give it a try”

I Hate U

“Did U do 2 your other man the same things that U did 2 me?”

Slow Love

“Let’s make it last forever / For a hundred times won’t be enough”

Damn U

“When we’re makin’ love, I can’t hold back / It’s like having a hundred million little heart attacks”

I Love U In Me

“I promised myself not to come until she does / And she took both hands and a liar I was”

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