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Coco has decided to grace us with her infinite wisdom on how to keep a man:

How do I keep a man? Well, I can only speak from experience because I’m not a doctor, just a woman that knows what she wants. To lay out my history with Ice, we have been married for 8 years and still going strong. We met in California on a movie set and have been inseparable ever since. Now we live in NY and at the moment we don’t have any kids together. Everybody says relationships get boring, but it doesn’t have to be that way, its entirely up to the both of you. As for me, I totally remember the feeling when I first fell in love with Ice.

The conversations, the kissing, the touching, the joking, the politeness, the feeling of always wanting to be near each other. Take that reminiscing and apply it to where your relationship is now. It is important to rekindle the moments.

I always like our “Date Nights”. Always set aside a day out of each week and do something fun together and then end the night in love making or just plain HOT SEX! Ice and I also like Sundays, that’s our “Movie Night” where I get cute for him and he appreciates the effort (men do notice..they’re just not always verbal).

Ice and I work all day together on the set of his show “Law and Order”, because I have an office there. But as soon as we get home, I’ll change into a skimpy outfit like booty shorts and heels because it changes the mood from being business oriented. LADIES & GENTLEMEN…the most IMPORTANT advice I can give is to make sure you listen to one another!!!!! TALK A LOT!! I think the reason that Ice and I have made it in the celebrity world for so long is because we constantly communicate. Remember, relationships will always have those bad moments and it won’t be rosy all the time. You have to be strong for one another and don’t chicken out when you come to a bump in the road.

It may seem a little old fashioned but here are some pointers that you can do to cater to your man:

Make him a cold drink

Cook him his favorite food

Give him a body rub

Dress in his favorite outfit or item

Draw him a bath

Watch all his favorite shows for a night

Play video games with him

And finally, kiss or lick his feet. Hehe- LOL. – very optional

Until my next thought….



It seems like some black women took offense to the content.

Coco shot back with the following:

Let me start off by commenting on the first blog I did recently. Even though there’s a lot of love and people by my side… I can’t believe what hatred other people hold. You know who you are…My blogs are intended to be fun, light-hearted thoughts that are on my mind. I’m not speaking for anybody but my own experience. I do not pretend or claim to be an authority on how anyone else should live their life. So why would my blog on “How To Keep A Man” be controversial? Yes, my suggestions may or may not be your cup of tea but its definitely worked for me. I’m very satisfied and happy with my husband working on a decade of marriage. What I was astonished by was how many people mentioned race, like it was a black and white thing. Not once did I mention color. This was a piece about making your man happy, why would the color of your skin have anything to do with it? I can be the color green and that still doesn’t change the way I love and care for my man.

Ladies what do you think about this?

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