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The National Black Midwives Alliance Is Campaigning For Black Midwives To Be Acknowledged As An Essential Part Of Black Maternal Healthcare

Source: Courtesy of Jamarah Amani

The National Black Midwives Alliance is taking a stand for all Black Midwives by campaigning to commemorate a day of celebration to bring awareness to Black maternal health.

Having my own birthing scare made me realize how concerning Black maternal health is. Black pregnant women are losing their lives or their unborn child’s life at an alarming rate. Access to Black doulas and midwives can help alleviate some, if not most, of these issues Black mothers face regarding pregnancy, birthing, and beyond.

 Black Midwives Are the Backbone of the Maternal Healthcare System

One fierce Black leader is fighting hard to raise awareness about Black Midwives and Black Maternal Health. JamarahAmani is the co-founder of The National Black Midwives Alliance, the only national professional association in the U.S. specifically for midwives of African descent.

The Black Midwives Alliance aims to bring visibility to the issues impacting Black midwives and the communities they serve. Amani understands the importance of Black Midwives concerning healthy Black pregnancies and births. The social leader wants people to remember that Black midwives were once the backbone of the maternity healthcare system. “It is no coincidence that countries across the world with the best birth outcomes are also countries that employ midwives as primary care providers in perinatal healthcare,” she said. “It is also well documented that the United States healthcare system has erased the historical and monumental importance of Black midwives who were once the primary care providers for pregnant people of all races since before slavery through the 1950s, while simultaneously stigmatizing the profession.”

Black Midwives Day aims to raise more awareness about midwives’ important roles in Black maternal health. Amai hopes to commemorate Black Midwives Day on March 14th every year.

For more information on the initiative, click here.



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