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Glancing down at your ring finger wishing there was a diamond resting on top? Are you not big on the idea of meeting the love of your life out at the bar along with your three best friends Beer, Vodka, and Drunk Goggles? Take it to the Web!

Technology helps with long distance relationships

Surf the World Wide Web where you’ll be sure to discover more fish in these seas! Online dating is the digital matchmaker! But, if you don’t know how to properly set up your dating profile your surfing adventure might result in a wipe out. These helpful tips will create a personal profile that appeals to the person you’re looking for. Turn on that charm via Web!

1. You sound like every other woman out there: When it comes to the part where you describe yourself I’m praying you’re not typing in the words “nice, fun, witty, intelligent,” because guess what, every other woman is typing those same exact words. You need to stand out! Plus, guys have learned to totally ignore those who describe themselves as such. People who sound boring on the Internet are probably boring in person. Spice it up! Stand out!

Hint: Tell a story. For one it will be original. Also, a man will notice and appreciate the different approach you’re making, opening up, giving your profile a little more “real” feeling and even a conversation topic.

Define the relationship before it is too late!

2. You’re not an advertisement: Obviously you need to choose your words wisely and make sure you express your best assets and put them out there. Leaving out information such as you’ve gone undefeated in Wii Tennis for the past month, or you can’t believe how awesome you are at spotting out sales, or telling him how amazing you are at skiing can stay with you. Those triple black diamonds will remain on the mountain even if you don’t mention your 360 you did off the jump last weekend.

Hint: Have a friend help you set up your profile. People see us differently than how we see ourselves. In this case, it is a good thing. A close friend will be able to highlight on your strengths and flaws.

3. TMI: This is not a place to spill your heart out attached with every love story, heartbreak, and a short story of each a** hole you’ve ever dated. Basic rule, anything you would not say on a first date, DO NOT post to your profile. Reading someone’s profile almost is like a first date. If a guy leaves your profile knowing you want three girls, one boy, each of their names, what you ate for breakfast, and you have two cats, he has left your profile for good!

Hint: Play games. Make him interested, thinking, wondering, and leaving your profile wanting more. You don’t throw all your eggs into one basket. Make sure you leave some details out. But I will tell you to consider stretching the truth is some cases. I’m not telling you to post lies all over your profile but if you live close to a big city, steal the zip code. When a guy searches women in certain cities he will use the cities zip code and most men will chose the option of searching 10 miles away. There ya go!

4. If you’re not a model, don’t try to come off as one: Whenever we search dating profiles what do we look at first? The pictures! DO NOT include photos from only the neck up; he will think your hiding something. DO NOT include photos with you and other men, I don’t care if it’s your brother, the man of your dreams does not know that! DO NOT include a picture with girlfriends who are hotter than you. Photoshop is a great tool! Sorry BFF!

Hint: Include a picture that is a full body shot; include a close up picture that looks like you actually! A picture says a thousand words. Take this cliché to heart. You want your pictures to tell your story. If you’re clicking through your pictures and you realize they are not telling the story you want to give, than make some changes!

5. DON’T use the word DON’T: The word don’t sets a very negative vibe for your profile. The last thing you want to do is come off as a negative person. For example, please do not state, “Don’t message me if you’re over 35.” Or “Don’t message me if you don’t like dogs.” Guys are going to get turned off and even the ones who meet your criteria are just going to be wondering what you’re going to hate about them.

Hint: Resist writing about the kind of guy you don’t want, and write about the kind of guy you do want. Think positive thoughts ladies!

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