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Radio personality Wendy Williams is about to turn 45 in a few days, and she has something else to celebrate, “The Wendy Williams Show” made its national debut this week, and she was recently nominated for the Radio Hall of Fame.

Wendy will tell you that she’s “just a woman with a microphone and a show, from New Jersey,” but her ultimate goal is to be “America’s new sweetheart.”

Here is a sampling of what Wendy Williams had to say on a range of topics, including herself.

On shaping her look for television …

“I know now that my right side is my best side, that I look terrible in red and that I need a regular dose of Botox. Without it, my eyes sort of bug out on television — not a good look.”

On how she has been home scoping out her talk show competition …

“I watch them as a fan. My primary job, up until this point, was radio. Four days a week, I worked from 2 to 6 p.m. My mornings were at home with a cup of Sanka looking at Rachael Ray. What is she cooking today? Listening to Dr. Phil. Look at his wife, Robin, …I wonder how their sex is like. You ever wonder that? You don’t watch people and think about how their sex is? I mean Joy and Regis [Philbin]…it has been over for years. But Joy is still a sexual creature. She’s getting it from some place. So, do I watch the shows? Yes. I’m going to fit in between Tyra, Rachel, Oprah, Jerry and Steve. Everybody forgets about Steve Wilco!”

On how her height helped her meet Oprah …

“Once, but she doesn’t remember. She was speaking to a group of women, like a women’s symposium, and I was working at the station that sponsored it. When it was over, I already had a strategy about how I was going to meet her. I was going to work the heels to make me 6-foot-5. I think autographs are so corny. Nobody likes to sign a blank piece of white paper. So guess what I had her sign? I was all prepared. [I had] the cover of Vogue, where she is sprawled back all skinny-minnie and proud to sign it. I was taller than all those other bitches, and nobody else got an autograph. Maybe she does remember it. Maybe it haunts her in her dreams. ‘There was this giant woman chasing me.'”

On wanting to talk to First Lady Michelle Obama …

“I’d love to talk to Michelle and just kick around what it’s like to be 45 these days. We have families, we’re smart, we’re sassy, we’re sexy.”

On how the recession and high unemployment should work to her advantage …

”This is such a great time for talk, especially with the economy still being so bad. Talk is cheap. Talk is free! This is such a great opportunity for all of us who have talk shows. There are now people home during daytime who normally would never have been home to catch any of the daytime talk shows. I’m very sorry that those people are out of work or working less hours, but it does mean there are now millions of eyes out there able to catch me and everyone else doing talk shows.”

We wish Wendy all the best on her new talk show!!!

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