Don’t be afraid to try color, ladies! Whether its a bold, bright coral, a sexy green eye shadow or an electric purple eye liner, sometimes a pop of color is just what the doctor ordered to give us that subtle change. I find that as women we have so many things we are doing that we get caught in a rut. Beige lids, brown crease and bronze lip gloss day in and out for years on end. Well, I’m not saying to leave that behind, but to add some fun to it because a little fun can elevate energy to a higher level and that goes a long way.

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Here are a few of my tips and tricks to incorporating color into your makeup regimen.

1. Use bold color eye liner close to the lash line with 3 coats of your favorite mascara.

Products to try:

Tigi Big Fat Fun eye liner in Blue or Mary Kay eye liner in Amethyst

2. Make your face have the happy glow by using a radiant blush in creamy berry or dazzling coral.

Products to try:

Mary Kay Strawberry Cream Mineral Cheek Color, ID mineral cheek color in Fruit Cocktail or NARS Taj Mahal Blush.

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3. Afraid of strong lips? Try sheer colors! They give the same affect without the color commitment.

Products to try:

Beauty Rush by Victoria Secret Pink Lemonade or Dior Addict’s Red Currant Lip Gloss is amazingly bright, but subtle at the same time.

4. Brighten eyes with a shimmery mascara and take a vacation from plain old black or brown. A shimmer mascara will light up eyes and also make lashes appear fuller and loner.

Product to try:

Cover Girl Lash Blast Luxe Mascara has light reflective shimmer in sassy colors like Black Emerald, a black base with green shimmer, or Black Sapphire, a black base with blue shimmer. Giorgio Armani Beauty has a beauty shimmer mascara in black with silver sparkles. It is so cool.

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These are quick and easy ways to incorporate something new and refresh your look. Remember it doesn’t mean that you need a total makeover or buy a whole new kit of colors you won’t use. Change one thing one day and try something new the next. Baby steps like this will feel more exciting and inspire you to come out of your makeup rut and live on the edge just a little.

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