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WARNING: Too much skin can be hazardous to your career. Many women hop up out of bed in hopes of feeling that sensation of satisfaction raining over them when gazing into the mirror.

When women believe they appear good-looking and sexy, women illustrate more confidence in the workplace, and as a result are more successful workers. Whether your face appears on camera reporting the 5 o’clock news or your hidden in the corner cubicle, all women seek to appear to look their best at work.

Why Do Women Wear Revealing Clothing In The Workplace:

1. Women crave attention.

2. Women can be over confident.

3. Women flirt when developing a physical attraction to an employee.

When to be worried? When an employee asks where the trash can be found and you discover an index finger pointing in your direction, you might want to reassess the clothing situation you got going on! It is hard enough to establish credibility when you’re a new employee so steering clear of any negative, judgmental remarks and criticisms would be the first step on your task of climbing that career ladder.

Attract a man outside of the office

But what draws the line between sexy and scandalous or cheap and classy? Ladies, you need to make wise choices with your business wardrobe. Think about this simple question. What image do you wish to present of yourself to your bosses and fellow employees? A strong handshake while staring the person dead in the eye will be forever a respectable introduction and will position yourself in a location for a decent start to your working career. But one simple slip up of a wardrobe malfunction can lead to lose of respect and your capability of being a fine employee.

Less clothing is more!

Follow your dress code! It will keep your pockets heavy. Statistically proven, companies have found women with the intention of dressing appropriately according to their business dress code gain raises, opposed to the female version of the Michelin Man over there sprawled out in cubicle #2, obviously next to your own. Unfortunately and unwillingly you’ve grown accustom to the daily cleavage slap in the face with every “Good Morning.” But at least you get a cup of coffee out of it.

Or lets catch a glimpse at “Miss Thang” chirping into the assistant bosses ear. Is she attempting to raise her bank account or something else?

And Trixie, if you’re having that undeniable itch for your hot pink mini skirt, patent leather knee high boots, and the tickle of a dollar bill, the polls are waiting inside the building with no windows with the word “DANCERS” in blinking neon lights around the corner!

Do you live in your closet?

If you want to make money, you get a job. If you want to get a job, you dress the part. If you want to show off your body, you wear a bikini. If you wear a bikini, you go to the beach! Anyone too revealing in your office?

Fashion Don’ts!:

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