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If you’re an older woman who’s having no luck with men your own age, why not consider dating a younger man. Don’t be scared, there are ways to be successful in this without feeling insecure.  Here are 4 ways to  successfully start and maintain these relationships, if not, then at least a lot of fun will be had.

1. Smile. Yes this is the same for attracting men of any age. It’s a classic, never fail method to capture a man’s attention.

2. Establish eye contact. Normally, eye contact is best if kept brief. That’s about 2-3 seconds only. But with younger men, linger a bit, maybe 4-6 seconds before looking away. Add a shy little smile and you’ve got the perfect one-two punch to signal your interest.

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3. Dress the part. If you want to attract a younger man, please dress the part and keep it tasteful. Choose something that makes you feel like you look hot – and then you will. You don’t need plunging necklines or super short skirts. Just put on whatever makes you feel sexy.

4. Make it easy. If you see a guy who interests you, walk over and introduce yourself! Say something witty if you’re good at this. Ask him a question about himself, pay him a compliment, or ask for his help.

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Here are some celeb cougars and their younger men:

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