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UPDATE: Akon Says He’s Taking Responsibility

Akon’s lawyer cleared up the dead beat daddy allegations and gave the following statement:

“Akon has taken responsibility and has been extremely cooperative and proactive in handling this private matter. Paternity was only established just over 30 days ago. Since the case was filed outside of Georgia jurisdiction, where he is a legal resident, Akon is currently in the process of engaging counsel in California and will continue to handle this matter in a timely manner.”

Do we believe it???

It looks like an Akon is trying to dodge taking care of his 6-month-old child. Sara Coleman is the mother of a baby she had with Akon and she wants the singer to pay up. According to tmz.com he took a paternity test and the kid is in fact his! Sara and her lawyer are NOT playin’ around either. Check out what tmz.com had to say about child support pursuit:

We’re told Sara Coleman’s lawyer, Patrick Baghdaserians, has been desperately trying to serve Akon — even at Michael Jackson’s memorial — but so far no luck.

Damn Akon, is owning up to your responsibilities really that hard to do??

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