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According to the Telegraph, you could be wasting as much as 1 year in your lifetime just by looking at clothes! This time is spent in the “No clothes” or “I have nothing to wear” spheres.

Women are notorious for taking a long time to get ready and by the estimated 16 minutes it takes to get ready on weekdays, and 14 on weekends it is no surprise that time is being wasted standing looking at clothes.

Tips to look good after a workout!

Getting ready to go out takes an average 20 minutes for the outfit, while a party or fancy dinner sucks 36 average minutes. The most extreme amount of time waste happens when traveling. Women take an average 52 minutes to get outfits together for that.

Makeover your closet to make your choices easier!

With so many clothes, closets brimming with items, how can one say “I have nothing to wear?”. I know that is how I am. I have tried on multiple outfits in the morning, just to settle on the one I always knew I would. Maybe school outfits and Michael Kors are on to something, if all the clothes are the same it certainly makes the decision easier. I still remain under average even with all my decisions, but what about you? Are you part of the norm in the outfit dilemna?

Summer outfits to help your decision making!

I would take hours upon hours if I had closets and options like this, too…

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