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According to the huffingtonpost.com, two British tabloids (The Mail on Sunday and the News of the World) quote LaToya Jackson as saying she believes her brother was murdered as part of a conspiracy to steal his fortune.

“I believe Michael was murdered, I felt that from the start,” the 53-year-old said. “Not just one person was involved, rather it was a conspiracy of people. He was surrounded by a bad circle. Michael was a very meek, quiet, loving person. People took advantage of that.

“Less than a month ago, I said I thought Michael was going to die before the London shows because he was surrounded by people who didn’t have his best interests at heart.

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“Michael was worth more than a billion dollars. When anyone is worth that much money, there are always greedy people around them. I said to my family a month ago, ‘He’s never going to make it to London’. He was worth more dead than alive.”

She also claimed jewelry was missing from his house and no cash was found, despite the fact he regularly kept more than a million dollars around.

LaToya also reportedly says her brother did not want to perform 50 shows in London but was pressured to do so. She accused a “shadowy” group of cutting her sibling off from his family and friends and forcing him to sign up for the comeback concerts at O2 Arena.

They saw him as a “cash cow” and “got him hooked on drugs… I think it shocked his system so much it killed him,” she claimed. “I am not going to stop until I find out who is responsible. Why did they keep the family away? It’s not about money. I want justice for Michael. I won’t rest until I find out what — and who — killed my brother.”

La Toya said Jackson was found in the bedroom of his physician Doctor Conrad Murray. “Michael walked from his room to Doctor Murray’s room. What happened in there we don’t know,” she said.

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When asked how she was informed of her brother’s death, La Toya said she was driving to see him in the hospital when her mother called her cell phone and screamed: “He’s dead!”

“I nearly crashed my car,” she said. “My legs went weak… They took me up to the area where Michael had been taken. Mother was crying and Michael’s kids were crying.”

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