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One of the best ways to be greeted is through a healthy smile. Dental care continues to be one of the leading health issues across the United States of America within Black and brown communities. While brushing and flossing make his be considered preventative measures for avoiding future oral care health issues, the reality remains that trips to the dentist help close the gap. Crest and Oral-B have partnered together to launch an initiative called “Closing the Smile Gap.” The initiative was created to help educate kids in underserved communities by bringing them proper dental care and proper dental instruments to use to help that smile go beyond the stars. Crest and Oral-B have also partnered with superstar mom and wife Christina Milian, to help get this important message out to the community.

As a strong voice for the community, the singer turned actress was the perfect choice to be behind such a cause. The world has watched Christina Milian grace the TV screen, big screen and music stages for over the past 20 years.

“I’m partnering with Crest and with Oral-B to help close the smile gap — they’re bringing dental access, oral health care and oral health products to the youth especially the black and Latino community who are really suffering from oral health education,” she explained in a candid chat. “It’s most common especially in the underprivileged areas that children just haven’t been taught and if they learn and they implement these kinds of things now early in their age you can really set them up for a brighter future when it comes to oral health.”

Christina revealed her parents, who are both immigrants from Cuba who traveled to America didn’t have access and couldn’t afford dental care. “Being their child I have reaped the benefits of actually learning early age about flossing about brushing my teeth at least two to three times a day or if you ate candy or something like that all the different little things that really meant something to my parent’s overtime because that’s what they learned they implemented it with and luckily you know I’ve got great oral hygiene methods.” She added, “I haven’t had the same kind of issues that they’ve had ‘because I’ve seen them have you know from tooth pain to root canal just with what you have to go through. I know it’s really really tough so I’m doing they taught me that and now people to implement that with my own children, so I think it’s fantastic that they’re helping educate children as well as also helps organizations with youth especially in inner cities that are trying to help organize this is as better resource for kids.”

Partnering with two major brands like Create and Oral-B to educate the community and help kids get the proper dental care that they need is no small task. And as a role model, the Resort To Love actress enjoys using her platform responsibly to get messages out to the masses.

“Some people don’t really want the responsibility of being a role model or people looking up to them. You know we’re all human of course we all make our own mistakes we do different things but to me I feel like being in the limelight or being in the public eye it is my job or my duty to be a good person and to help maybe change somebody’s life. I’ve watched people overtime and when I was a child, and they made a difference in my life and it could be something so minimal or something huge but to be honest with you something what’s so minimal to you is actually something that could be huge for somebody else. So, I like using my platform for better I’m also human I’m normal you know you see me do normal things absolutely. When you see my Instagram, I’m very open just like anyone else but if I could change someone with what I do and then I can also make a difference in someone like that’s what I feel like I live for.”

Now that Christina is a mother of four beautiful kids she is passing down the oral hygiene importance to her, she says,

“So my daughter she’s 11 years old and especially well I think I’ve done this with all three kids but I’ve gotten like from the beginning a three set variety toothbrush set for each kid. With this set you can rub their gums and then after that once they’ve got one little tooth it’s the little soft toothbrush and then the third level of it is the real toothbrush and it looks so cool. So, I do that kind of stuff with my kids and I’ve watched videos on YouTube and things like that but also  I have a little timer actually something that dad and my mom they taught me early on they said brush for two minutes. So I use the little sand timer yes, yes from the taboo game so I had to implement and  play a game while brushing teeth to make it fun so, I take the timer and I use that and you can actually turn it over two times and  use the timer to show them hey you’re gonna go brush in circles, you’re gonna go in and brush your tongue, you know just all the importance and even flossing, they have like little teeth right now but they want to grab my dental floss anyways so I just lay them down on my lap and I just play around with their teeth an like it’s a normal thing and it actually just looks and sounds cool and they get involved and it becomes a normal thing for them.

This initiative is a great way to introduce the importance of dental health care to the communities across the country. For more information on Crest and Oral-B closing the smile gap initiative you can find the information at


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