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Frankie has gone and done it again!!! If you read my Frankie post the other day you saw the video of Frankie doing what she does best and getting her new twenty-two year old boyfriend’s name tatted on the small of her back? Well, she is getting ready to marry her boyfriend, “Mon”.

Keyshia Cole’s mom acts out

This is what I found out from

Frankie went on to The Ryan Cameron show to tell the world that she was in engaged and was deeply in love with her new boy friend Mon, who is 22 years old. Frankie loves that young meat, telling the world that she was so so happy and in love. Taking after her daughter Keyshia, who got her boo tattooed on her shoulder “D. Gibson,” (Daniel Gibson is his real name), Frankie decided to show how much she loved her man by getting his name tattooed right above her a$. “That’s where he wanted it,” she told me I then said “so he can hit it every night.” “Man Down” she said and meant it. Just to let everyone know that Frankie is clean and drug free, she just loves to have a good time. “You never know when its your time”. If you wanted to know if she pains on having anymore children, all I can say is watch this season of the Frankie & Neffie show it will tell it all.

If this is true, this will be child #9 and with a 22 year old!! Damn Frankie is a serious cougar!!!! SMH

Check out the pics of Frankie showing off her new tat:

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