We recently told you about one woman’s night with Common, and how excited we were to read her story, well we just caught wind of another groupie tale with young rapper Soulja Boy.

Read the juicy details below:

Over the weekend me and my girls were in LA for the bet awards. I’m originally from the bay area (Oakland to be exact) anyways, I had been working and saving the last few months to get orchestra seats at the bet awards, and a bangin a** Tory Burch dress. (mission accomplished) ANYWAYS I’ve been gettin on twitter a lot, twitting with bow wow, yung berg, spec of pretty ricky and last but not least SOULJA BOY.

Though before the awards I never met them in person just twitted with them, but thought nothing of it. Everyone who’s on twitter, knows all the names I just mentioned wont even give you the time of day if your not a pretty girl. Me myself, I’m not conceited but I have heard it a few times or more. I’m black and Japanese, and boys usually dig that. So fast forward, I was talking to SB through a DM (direct message) and telling him how I had plans to got to the awards with my girls and live it up like celebs. He told me, to holla at him when I touch down Friday and MAYBE we can hook up if he has some time. So I was juiced. He didn’t give me his number, he just expected me to hit him on twitter, since he be on it all the time. So I did, it was around 2:30am when I signed on to twitter me and my cousin just got in from rollin around gettin into sh*t. I sent him a DM at exactly 2:45am and got a reply from him at 3:15, asking me to take a cab to where he was staying. So I obliged.

FAST FORWARD, I get there. One of his boys opens the door, it seems like they had just got in because they were all fully dressed. So SB and me went to his suite, we talked for a minute, it was a little awkward, because he met me off of “TWITTER” but we made conversation and it was coo. So after all that talkin we finally started kissing. and tasted so sweet. He’s a nibbler. He was kissing my neck my lips and licking my ear! That’s my spot! So I started kissing him all on his neck, lifted up his t-shirt and started kissing his abs all the way down till I got to his belt buckle. I looked up at him, and he told me “we ain’t gotta do this if you don’t want to”

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