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Obviously, we all know about (or have been) boy crazy teenagers. But what should you do if you’re a parent  whose nervous about or dealing with a daughter desperate for some male attention? Here are some suggestions to help steer your child towards something besides boys:

1. Encourage outside interests. Before your daughter even starts middle school, be sure to help her become a well rounded person. Whether her passion is sports, music or art, make sure she has a healthy outlet for her energy. That way, she’ll have less time to obsess over her latest love interest.

2. Start discussing sexuality-and relationships-early. Having honest, age appropriate conversations with your daughter about the birds and the bees in addition to talking about what it means to be in a relationship go a long way. This way, your daughter will know that you are willing to discuss these topics and more open to come to you for advice.

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3. Set a good example. It’s hard to deny the influence your own attitude towards men and relationships can have on your daughter. Try telling her that a relationship is like the icing on the cake of an already fulfilling life-a finishing touch that is not essential. This is more productive than attempting to scare her by saying she’s destined for heartbreak.

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What do you think, Hello Beautiful? What would you give your daughter more to focus on than boys??

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