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Usually when I hear someone break out the “age ain’t nothin but a number” argument, it has something to do with romantic relationships.

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But let’s think of age beyond the boyfriend/girlfriend context. Is it just me or is a lot of grown folks behavior being seen at younger and younger ages?? What are the correct ages to start acting more “adult”, anyway? Consider the following:

1. You’ve noticed 12-year-old’s walking around in full makeup. What the hell?? What’s with girls barely out of elementary school caking on eyeliner?

…And what was with the underage girls onstage with Drake and Weezy at the BET awards??

2. There’s no difference in female clothing styles. At all. Am I the only person who’s noticed that bikini’s are now available for ages 1-100? This isn’t the fault of (really) young girls in skimpy swimwear but rather clothing manufacturers and our society for pushing the youngest among us into the sexual spotlight.

2.  You’ve heard men say, “but she told me she was 21!” over and over: Okay, I don’t usually buy the “I thought she was older than she really was” excuse from men either. But if you’ve seen how certain young women present themselves, you can’t always blame men for being confused.

What do you think, Hello Beautiful? Is becoming too grown and sexy too soon an epidemic??

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