Here are a few tips to add to your beauty regimen that could save you some major cash:

– When applying lipstick only coat the bottom and then press lips together for a natural and cost effective way to add color to your lips.

– To save money exfoliating make a mixture of brown sugar and honey, which is cheaper than store bought exfoliates and can clean out the cupboard of some of those unused items.

– When your french manicure chips going back for a touch up can be a costly affair, but using white out to do the job saves you some major cash and still looks great!

– Lipstick shades that you might be tired of don’t have to go to waste,┬ácombine a few shades and┬ámelt them in the microwave for a new color, put it in a container and it can be applied like lip balm and you have brand new shades!

– Scented lotions can be quite expensive, but a way to save yourself some cash and guarantee a scent you like is to create your own. Take an unscented lotion and add a few drops of your favorite scent. The smell lasts and will also save you some money!

– Eye makeup remover can run very expensive, however we have learned that Johnson’s No More Tears formula baby shampoo works just as well and is a lot cheaper.

– Buying a moisturizer and foundation separately doubles the cost, but the moisturizing mousse foundation applies well and saves the cost of buying each item separately.

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