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If we don’t know anything else about singer Normani, what we do know is that homegirl keeps a fresh hairdo.  Whether it’s an artistic top knot or a slick, exaggerated ponytail, her hair never disappoints.  I got the chance to briefly chat with the mastermind behind Normani’s most popular hair looks. Celebrity hairstylist and hair guru Ashanti Lation, founder of VIP Luxury Hair Care, knows a thing or two when it comes to nourishing your hair and rocking the trendiest hairstyles.  Because Normani’s hair is always goals and seems super healthy, I was interested in picking Ashanti’s brain on upcoming hair trends for the fall season and the best natural haircare tips when it comes to the cooler months.

The fall weather brings about a whole new set of rules for natural hair.  What we did in the summer to keep our hair popping will need to be adjusted when the cooler months roll in.  When asked what haircare tips natural girls should incorporate into their haircare routine this fall, Ashanti emphasized moisturizing and hydration.  “Fall tends to bring cooler air and dryer climates. Therefore, keeping your hair moisturized and hydrated is your best bet. Weekly deep conditioning and a hair mask should be added to your hair care routine. Also, increasing your daily water intake will help to keep your body hydrated. This includes your scalp. And as always, try to limit heat styling and over manipulation to your hair,” stated Ashanti.

Fall healthy hairstyle trends with Ashanti Lation of VIP Luxury Hair Care

Source: Delaney George / Ashanti Lation / Wardrobe Stylist – Semaj Atkinson

One thing natural girls can look forward to in the fall is less humidity.  If you live in a wet climate, you know that humidity can sometimes be the death of your curls.  While humidity may be less of a problem for some during the fall months (depending on where you live), Ashanti suggests some simple yet effective tips that can assist in combating those frizzy days.  “First start with making sure your hair is trimmed properly. This will actually help hair perform at its best. Next, make sure to let your hair dry completely if you’re doing braid-out or twist-out. Use a diffuser and set your hair in the style you want while it’s wet, diffuse it, shake it out, and leave it alone. Lastly, remember silk & satin pillows are your best friend,” Ashanti emphasized.

This summer was full of creative braid hairdo’s and fall is calling for this hairstyle to stay.  If you’re looking for inspiration for your natural hair this fall, Ashanti says braids are still the way to go.  Also adding some hair accessories or color will spice things up for the season.  “Braids are not just for summer months anymore. Everyone loves the way long hair lays on a winter coat or sweater.  Imagine fresh braids draped over cashmere.  That’s a fire look that also protects your natural hair from the elements.  If wigs are your go-to protective style, feel free to get creative with the colors and wave patterns. And of course, you can always do a fun up do with your natural hair and maybe some embellishments.”

If you research natural hair you will probably be overwhelmed with the tips and tricks that are out there.  So to minimize the noise, I asked Ashanti for some simple advice when it came to maintaining natural hair, and being the hair guru she is, her answer was simple yet profound.  “The best advice I can give anyone striving for healthy hair is to be consistent, use quality products like VIP Luxury Hair Care, and don’t try everything you see on YouTube.”

Fall healthy hairstyle trends with Ashanti Lation of VIP Luxury Hair Care

Source: Delaney George / Ashanti Lation / Wardrobe Stylist – Semaj Atkinson

For more information on Ashanti’s products and services, visit VIP Luxury Hair.


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