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The Case of Ms. Rowe vs Mrs. Jackson

As if anyone is surprised, the money grabbers are quickly positioning themselves to make claims on the estate of late pop icon Michael Jackson.

At the center of the squabble is the legal guardianship for under aged children Prince Michael age 10, Paris age 9 and Prince Michael II age 5, who inherited most of the mega millionaire’s estate. Whoever gets the children will get the money!

In the Last Will and Testament of Michael Jackson, he clearly states that he wants his mother, Katherine Jackson age 79, to raise his children as his first choice and if she wasn’t able to do so, singer and friend Diana Ross to be his second choice. Nowhere is the biological mother of the first two children, Debbie Rowe mentioned as being considered legal guardian, nor is there any mention of the surrogate mother of the third child, Prince Michael II. In spite of the fact that Ms. Rowe relinquished her parental rights years ago and hasn’t seen her children in as many years, there are rumors of her considering a legal request as their biological guardian.

There are two issues up for question, is Debbie Rowe mentally and emotional capable of care giving? And, will the courts follow the last requests of Michael Jackson, allowing Katherine Jackson to be legal guardian in spite of her age? Who is the best caregiver and what do the planets say?

Debbie Rowe is a Sagittarius, born 12/6/1958. Her chart shows a number of crisis aspects and a preponderance of planets in the sign of Sagittarius, suggesting that even though she can be enthusiastic with an adventurous spirit, that she can also have a strong need for freedom. So, caring for children might prove to be too demanding, and the emotional requirements for being a parent might be a bit challenging for her cosmic profile. One more thing…Ms. Rowe might have big time problems with holding onto money.

Negative aspects between her Jupiter and Neptune indicate that she may not be realistic when it comes to finances and that might explain why after her reported 8 million dollar settlement with Michael Jackson that she lives, according to reports a less than middle class life style! I think her present state of concern of her biological children and her finances should be carefully considered as her being the overseer of a multimillion dollar estate!

Katherine Jackson is a Taurus, born 5/4/ 1930, her charts indicates that her Moon in Cancer is the perfect moon for nurturing, loving and care giving! But, the issue isn’t whether she can be a good guardian; it’s her age and if she has the stamina to care of three underage children. Mars represents energy in the chart and her Mars being in the pure energy sign of Aries suggests that Mrs. Jackson has a lot of ‘get up and go’ not just for her age, but for any age, that being that she is in good health and since publically, there hasn’t been any outward indication of health issues, it is suggested that Ms. Jackson has the stamina it takes to keep up with her responsibilities. One last thing, Katherine Jackson, according to her cosmic profile, her Mercury is in the sign of Gemini. This indicates that she is alert, she is mentally agile and she is a quick thinker!

Unless the courts are deaf, dumb and blind the choice between who should be the legal guardian of Michael Jackson’s children should be obvious….truly in the case of Katherine Jackson, ‘age ain’t nothing but a number!’

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