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Last night’s BET Awards was not just a musical tribute to Michael Jackson, many of the clothing choices also reflected Michael Jackson’s life and influence.

Here is our Top 10 Michael Jackson Outfits from last night:

10. Soulja Boy’s Michael Jackson shirt on the red carpet – Overall the shirt was great, however it was the sagging pants that made this one the bottom of the list.

9. Carmelo Anthony’s Michael Jackson shirt- It was simple and captured one of Michael Jackson’s signature dance moves.

8. Monica’s Michael Jackson inspired jacket- It was an obvious tribute to MJ’s style, but there were other performers who hit it more dead on to his style.

7. Jamie Foxx’s white v-neck– A great screen print, keeping it real with a picture of MJ. The lines are a little distracting, however.

6. Ciara’s sequined jacket- This was a much closer imitation of MJ’s style, however a little off still.

5. T-Pain’s t-shirt- The sequins set this one above all the rest to win best T-shirt of Michael Jackson at the BET Awards show.

4. Audience Member’s Jacket- This jacket stole the show with clothing which referenced MJ. The bright color and MJ inspired look puts it above the rest.

3. New Edition’s vintage Michael outfit– One of the few outfits to keep it vintage, so naturally it got high marks.

2. Keri Hilson’s Michael Jackson look-alike– This one might have won standing alone, the jacket, tight pants rolled up, the socks, shoes, the whole thing looks very similar to MJ’s style, however we have to give credit to…

1. Jamie Foxx’s Beat It Tribute Outfit- The inclusion of the glove put it above the rest. That is just classic Michael Jackson style.

Take a look at the outfits here:

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