Alright ladies, listen up. I know it is every bride’s fear that one of their bridesmaids will look better than them and steal their thunder on their wedding day. But just remember this: the dresses you choose for your bridesmaids will be around FOREVER! I’m not saying your bridesmaids will keep the dresses after your wedding, but they WILL BE IN YOUR WEDDING PHOTOS!!! Keep that in mind. You don’t want any hot messes sticking out in your photos. They should look nice while also not stealing the attention from you.

Some tips:

  • Choose dresses with colors that match the theme/color scheme of your wedding.
  • Want to know how to get in really good with your bridesmaids? You choose the color and fabric, but let them have a dressmaker tailor the dress to a style that best suits their figure. Of course you need to give them a few guidelines to follow: nothing too low-cut in the bust area, nothing too tight that they might burst out of it, and nothing too short.
  • If you feel like you might have a Bridezilla moment when your tackiest friend shows up with a hairstyle that might leave you and your guests agape, politely tell your bridesmaids your pet peeves months before your wedding. But if they’re really worthy of being your bridesmaids, you’ll love them for who they are!


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