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Rihanna Attends Savage X Fenty London Pop Up Shop

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Our good sis Rihanna is known for being a trendsetter and always going against the grain. From her music, to her hair, to her fashion brands, Rih Rih has set the bar in more ways than one and makes us all want to follow her lead when it comes to our own individual selves.

Now, the 32 year old songstress is breaking barriers yet again and this time, it’s with her Savage X Fenty capsule collection drop. After the Savage X Fenty Vol 2 fashion show premiered on Amazon Prime last Friday, the first ever Savage X Fenty menswear collection was released and was immediately met with social praise. Rather than featuring traditionally slim models as most fashion brands typically do, Rihanna showed love to the plus-size male models, giving us all an eye-full of handsome “big boys” to fantasize and lust over in their silk boxers and briefs.

Amid the release, many fans took to Twitter to show their appreciation for the eye-candy while others were sure to let Rihanna know that they finally felt seen.

But inclusivity is nothing new to the Fenty brand as Rihanna has always been extremely vocal about the fact that her brands are for everyone. From makeup to lingerie, Fenty has something for us all, no matter what skin tone, color, shape or size. In fact, the Savage X Fenty brand in particular has been known for featuring curvy body types in their campaigns and in-store displays since its launch in 2017 with price points that remain the same no matter what size a shopper chooses, so it comes as no surprise that the Barbadian beauty would extend the same love to the men’s collection.

The trending social conversations and positive reactions and responses from fans are proof that representation matters. For a generation that’s obsessed with filters and Photoshop, what we see reflected in the media is what shapes our view on what’s beautiful, what’s acceptable or what’s right, even if those images are completely unrealistic to what people in real life actually look or are like. For Rihanna to include real men (and women) in her campaigns and allow them to show up exactly as they are is absolutely beautiful and is honestly something I’ve never seen before. Representation like this helps fight those unrealistic “Snapchat generation” expectations, shows people as they are and help boosts self-confidence in consumers who may have otherwise felt unseen or unheard.

How amazing is it for a brand to show that they not only value differences but that they celebrate differences? If anything, the success of Savage X Fenty is proof that real people are yearning to feel seen and feel beautiful and by showing love to these models, now everyone can feel that.

With inclusivity being something that’s not always common in the fashion industry, we have to applaud Rihanna for making us all feel beautiful, no matter what size, shape, weight or color we are. We stan a groundbreaking queen!


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