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Garnier Skin

Source: Garnier / L’Oreal

I’m not sure the exact day I decided cotton pads cost too much to be bothered with, but I’m fairly certain it happened in a Duane Reade in New York City when I came across something close to a $6 price tag and immediately said to myself, “pass.” Though six bucks isn’t necessarily expensive, it feels a bit wasteful when it comes to something you swipe across your face for 5 seconds and then toss in the trash on a daily — sometimes twice daily — basis, not to mention the landfill waste.

In recent years, reusable makeup remover pads have popped up as an alternative to the semi-costly throwaways, and Garnier is the latest brand to introduce its own version. As part of its commitment to create products that are good for its customers and the planet, Garnier’s SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Eco Pads can be used to remove makeup, cleanse skin, and apply your favorite toner,

Though I haven’t used this exact brand of reusable cotton pads, I have used a similar version and I can admit it took some getting used to. The pads need to be washed after every use, which can feel a bit tedious, but after trying them out you’ll understand why. First, if you use the pads to remove makeup, obviously residue will be left on the surface which you’ll want to wash out before using again. Even when I used a similar pad just to apply toner nightly, I didn’t like the feeling of the product still being in the pad before using it again so daily washing is a must. That being said,  having three pads allows for easy rotation while the recently washed pad dries. And, having put my pads in the washer and dryer with my whites on laundry day, I was impressed with the fact that the pads felt as good as new after a deep cleaning. Garnier Skin

I’m partial to Garnier’s Eco Pads because I’m such a fan of the brand’s best-selling Micellar Water, which was just released with a Vitamin C formula to help brighten dull skin as it removes makeup. One thing I’m sure you know about cotton balls and cotton pads is that they can easily tear up when trying to remove waterproof eyeliner and mascara. And you can easily run through four or five items if you’re wearing any product with any amount of glitter. Reusable pads are sturdy enough to withstand multiple swipes over tough makeup, which makes removing products at the end of the night feel like less of an annoying task.

If you have sensitive skin, these dermatologist-approved microfiber pads will work just fine for you, and ditto for contact lens wearers. As conversations around global warming continue to rise, it’s important for all of us to remember we need to do our part. Something as simple as switching to Garnier’s Eco Pads can help reduce waste and limit the dangerous imprint we make on the planet.

Source: Garnier / L’Oreal

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