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Flawless by Gabrielle Union

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Since the beginning of quarantine, Gabrielle Union has been tending to her natural hair in front our eyes. It could have been a precursor to what was on the horizon — the relaunch of her Flawless haircare collection — whatever it is, Gabrielle Union’s glistening fro is proof in the curly pudding that a good haircare regimen can make a difference. And sometimes that means just leaving your hair alone and letting it breath.

This weekend, Gabby showed off her flourishing fro by the pool.

Union has been using her own collection to bring her tresses back to life after suffering hair loss while undergoing IVF treatments. Union teamed up with celebrity hairstylist Larry Sims to refresh her Flawless formula and bring it back to the masses.

“We were dedicated to developing the perfect blend of high quality, affordable products for all types of textured hair to promote flawless beauty through choice and diversity,” Union said in a news release. “This collection is very important to me because I fully encourage self-expression and authentic ownership of personal style.”

Union continues to share not only curls, but her baby girl Kaavia James’ curls.

In a recent interview with People Magazine, Union shut down critics who always have something to say about her daughter’s natural hair.

“It is always pride and live your best life and live your best Black life. And let your curls do what they do,” she said.

she added,

“I’ll see comments and people are like, ‘Why is her hair never done?’ And I’m like, ‘She is a year and a half.’ “I don’t want to give her a complex about what is an acceptable style.”

And that’s on that!


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