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There’s nothing better than shopping a sweet deal at your favorite retailer. And while we’re always here to deliver the goods, this time around we’re focusing on gifts just for the Dad’s in your life. Father’s Day is right around the corner and we’re here to give you all the tea on the best gifts that will put a smile on his face.

From grooming finds, gadgets, lifestyle picks and more, are all for grabs for Father’s Day 2020. And if you’re ready to show your Pops some love, it’s time to break out your credit card.

Here is our Father’s Day Gift Guide! And to all the Dad’s out there, Happy Father’s Day!

1. For The Dad That Loves Shaving 

Since your Dad is unable to visit his barber, it’s essential that he levels up with his grooming practices. Bevel comes in clutch with a complete shaving kit including a priming oil, restoring balm, shave balm, a razor, and guards to keep your Dad’s line up in check.

2. For The Dad That Loves Beer


If your Dad is the type that loves to indulge a beer after a hard day’s work or when entertaining guests, consider purchasing a beer subscription for your old man. The Original Craft Beer Club subscription ($43, can be a regular fixture in your Dad’s routine.

3. For The Dad That Loves Colognes

There is nothing better than a cologne that smells god and goes the distance. And if your old man is all about keeping up with the trends that have become classics, the Gucci Guilty ($124, cologne will make the perfect gift.

4. For The Dad That Loves To Grill

Is your old man famous for his BBQ? Does he know how to whip up a good jerk chicken? If that’s the case, reward him with a new 20-piece grilling set from Cuisinart ($69.99, Just as how your mom likes her cooking essentials, your Dad deserves some grilling tools too.

5. For The Dad That Loves To Relax

Who says that men shouldn’t be able to relax in style? For days when your Dad is having some R&R, a plush robe will come in major clutch. Consider adding the Brooklinen Super Plush Robe ($98, to your gift set.

6. For The Dad That Loves His Tunes


There’s just something about listening to your favorite tunes from a record player. And if your Dad is hip to the music game, you’ve likely heard that phrase plenty times before. Give your old man the gift of music with the Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Turntable ($66,

7. For The Dad That Camps

Does your Dad consider himself to be an outdoorsman? If so, you can’t go wrong with a top-quality camping set. The GSI Destination 24-Piece Kitchen Set ($49.95, comes complete with camping cookware, folding tools, cutting board, a spice shaker, and more. Now your Dad will definitely be excited for his next camping trip.

8. For The Health-Conscious Dad


It’s never a bad idea to stay on top of your health. And with Coronavirus running rampant, now more than ever is the right time to get your health in order with check-ups, screenings, and more. And this is where the 23andme Health + Ancestry Kit ($149, comes in clutch. Designed to screen for specific health conditions, and how your DNA relates to your lifestyle, this kit makes for a great gift.

9. For The Gaming Dad

Games are a great way to enjoy company at home and make memories along the way. And if your Dad has a competitive spirit, he’ll love a card game that’s all about testing his Blackness. The Black Card Revoked ($17.99, is a game that celebrates Black pop culture in a fun way.

10. For The Dad That Love To Build

Most men will tell you that a tool kit is a necessary fixture in every home. And if your Dad has been holding on to the same tool kit for years, it may be time to surprise him with a brand new offering. The Pittsburgh Mechanic Tool Kit ($99.99, comes with 225 pieces of bolts, screws, and other gadgets every man needs around the house.

11. For The Tech-Savvy Dad

With technology making plenty of advancements, you can literally control your home with a touch of a button. And Amazon’s Alexa ($99.99, is said to make life easier at every turn. From locking doors, turning on gadgets, playing music, and more, this device can do pretty much anything you need it to.

12. For The Dad That Loves Grooming

There are not too many skincare and body care lines suitable for men, and retired NBA champion Matt Barnes has created a line that caters to the specific needs for men of different races. Hue for Every Man offers grooming products and skincare products ranging from shampoos, pomades, awakening sprays, and shave lotions to get your skin together.


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