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We washed our hands before, but ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit, we’ve been washing and sanitizing our hands so much, our skin feels like it’s about to peel off. We’re perpetually ashy and we’re not the only ones. Tracee Ellis Ross can relate to the struggle.

In a candid video four-minute on Instagram, the Blac-ish actress took us back the old school with this moisturizing method.

“When I was in high school, I would use Vaseline,” she revealed. While she doesn’t use that particular product anymore, she does use a similar product called Bag Balm from Amazon and Egyptian magic which you can buy at Whole Foods.

I fell like my hands have aged 10 years in the last few months,” she revealed. While she’s secure with it because that means she is doing her due diligence and washing her hands to help prevent the spread of the Covid 19. “I’ve been covering my hand in Bag Balm,” she said before adding that she then puts on a pair of fresh socks.

“It’s a little gently loving version of self care to replenish the moisture in your hands.” Tracee is giving us all her beauty secrets and recently shared her hair conditioning hack, which includes conditioning her hair and letting it sit for hours before her workout.

Nothing like an old school hack to make it all better!


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