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Like Porsha Williams (and countless other celebs), many of us have ditched our makeup and adopted some sort of skin care routine a.k.a bare face freshness. Many of us have seen a dramatic change in our skin for the better. Our skin is apparently able to thrive without all those cosmetic chemicals. Whodathunkit?

While some of are seeing improvements, Porsha revealed, in an Instagram story, that she is struggling with blemishes and acne that she calls, “mountains and hills.”

“Ok now skin get your shih [sic] together,” she wrote. “I haven’t even been wearing makeup and now mountains, hills and valleys making an appearance.”

See a screenshot, here.

Porsha showed off her fresh face in a post on her timeline a few days back with the caption, “Your inner beauty is a culmination of your joys, failures, strengths, and flaws. Let me explain… ⁣See those bags… they are from many sleepless nights from my mind running and wondering what’s happening to the world today. I’m up all night imagining how it will affect my loved ones.”

Porsha joked about having to be “rolled” out her house when this is all over after consuming so much food. Perhaps it’s something she’s eating that is causing her to have an outbreak. According to Healthline, the top culprit behind face acne is refined grains and sugar.

if you’re suffering from acne like Porsha, UrbanSkinRX is one of our favorite skin care products (for Black skin) on the market.

Here’s some DIY masks you try as well.

Since giving birth to her first child, Porsha has been using her platform to uplift and empower women to promote body positivity.


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